Be Feminine Everywhere – Choose a Laptop Bag For Women

The women’s role in society has constantly changed throughout the ages. Worshiped as goddesses in primordial times, suppressed and underestimated during the Middle Ages, fighting for their rights in the 1800s and 1900s, appreciated but overworked and trying to find their balance in the present, women have always been true heroes. Strong, determined and fearless, but also gentle, feminine and mysterious – all these qualities are making women unique and charming.

Our modern world is extremely challenging. The struggle for survival and a better life is especially difficult for women. They have to be excellent and fierce professionals, loving wives and mothers, organized housekeepers, at the same time remaining feminine and graceful.

A laptop is a very helpful way of increasing your work productivity and saving lots of vital time and energy. Compact and light but also very powerful, this amazing tool can be carried with you no matter where you are – at work, on vacation, in transport, hiking, sunbathing or staying at home.

Of course, you’ll not be able to carry your laptop around without a proper laptop bag. The models designed especially for women combine style and elegance with durability, protection, comfort and a practical space distribution.

What makes a laptop bag feminine? First of all, its design. There are many types of laptop bags for women: totes, messenger bags, sleeves, backpacks and wheeled cases. Depending on your main activity – office job, field activity or school – you have the opportunity of choosing the most appropriate model.

All these models come in different shapes, colors and styles. The classical white, black or beige leather totes will make a woman look chic and sophisticated. The funky laptop bags in bright dazzling colors will transform your casual wear into an exquisite artistic statement. The comfortable backpacks have many advantages: they keep your hands free, your spine straight and your mobility at the highest level! The stylish wheeled models are ideal for traveling, no matter if you’re going on vacation or to a scientific conference.

When you choose a laptop bag, don’t forget that it is not only a practical tool, but also a fashionable accessory that will reflect your personality and your taste. Combine it with your business, casual or sports outfit or even buy a few bags – one for going to work, another for vacations, one for going out. Why not? You deserve all the best!

When browsing the enormous online market and comparing different styles and types of laptop bags for women, don’t forget about the size of your laptop! How many inches does your computer’s diagonal have? The bag should have the same dimensions! Also make sure that it has all the pockets and compartments you need and don’t forget about the special padding that will protect your notebook!

Being elegant, feminine, comfortable, easy to carry around and very practical, laptop bags for women will be a indissoluble part of your unique image!

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The Dakine Jewel Women’s Laptop Backpack is Perfect For Women on the Run

he Dakine jewel laptop backpack comes in patterns and colors that any girl or women would love to have.

It does not matter if you will be using this pack for work, school, fun or traveling you could not find a nicer or stronger pack. For any women or young lady who carries more than what will fit into a purse this pack is perfect.

The Dakine jewel line of backpacks for women, have adjustable padded shoulder straps that help save your shoulders and back from the pain of carrying a heavy load. There are so many styles and colors to choose from that you can be sure to find one that you will like.

The front of the jewel pack has two compartments. The one on the bottom is a cooler that you can keep your lunch in and it will stay cool for hours. The pocket on the top is an organizer compartment. You can keep all of your small pieces in here safely and not have to go looking through the main compartment for your things.

There are two mesh pockets on the outside of the jewel pack. They are perfect for extra drinks, or brushes, maybe a cell phone or iPod.

The Dakine jewel pack has a padded part for your laptop. You can access it one of two ways. If you don’t want to take the pack off you can get to your laptop through a zippered side access sleeve. There is also a fleece lined pocket for sunglasses.

One of the things that the girls really like is the pattern on the inside. On most packs once you open it the inside is just black. This backpack takes the pattern from the outside and brings it inside too.

You can use this pack for more than work or school it is also great for travel or the beach. It is strong enough that can use it for just about anything you want.

My son has a Dakine rucksack that he uses all summer long for skateboarding and it is so strong that now he uses it for school. After the entire summer it has no rips and the zippers still work.

Seeing the strength and quality of his pack is what made me decide to get a Dakine jewel pack for myself. I always wanted something more stylish for hiking and I was thrilled to have the cooler right there on the outside.

Laptop Bags and Designer Sleeves and Totes for Women

Laptop bags today include the stylish designer sleeves, totes, and laptop bags for women. On the Internet, ladies can check designer, sleeve gender bags for men, women, and unisex. Clear bags include the line of animal print, black, blue, brown, floral, gray, green, ivory, and more. You can choose from Paisley, oriental, polka dots, purple, metallic, retro print, and other colors online.

The leather laptop bag is available in many styles and designs as well. The totes are available to fit computer screen size up to 17-inches. Types of sleeves and bags include briefcase style, messenger, backpacks, and sleeves. Material is usually made from Neoprene or leather.

The 17 laptop bags include the stylish print bags with padding to protect your computer. The sleeves are thick and made of neoprene rubber. Students, business travelers, vacationers, and others will enjoy the designer bags made of wet suit features to provide natural moisture protection, shock, and scratch protection.

These styles have the slim and snug design with exterior pockets that zip. You can carry your devices, such as cell phone, computer, iPod, MP3 players, and other devices everywhere you go. The prints include a wide range of dragons, animation, leopard, water drop, groovy designs, iBud, and more.

Business people who prefer professional designs may like the MacBook Pro professional designer sleeves for 17-inch MacBook computers. The bags are made of thick neoprene rubber cushions to protect your MacBook from scratches, shock, and moisture.

These bags have a detachable padded shoulder strap with exterior pockets that zip to secure your devices. The leopard prints offer you a sleek design in which you can use the bag as a briefcase, backpack, or tote.

Kenneth Cole makes the Reaction 6-inch triple compartment leather bags for women. The totes have a top zipped portfolio and computer case. The case features a rich, top grain Nappa leather exterior. It has a spacious triple compartment for storage.

Ladies have an organizer center compartment, and padded computer pocket. The pocket zips. Some cases have the convenient tote style handles. Black is the standard color. Yet, women can choose a range of colors including green, tan, brown and tan, brick, and so forth. Some case bags have wheels.

The wheeled leather cases from McKlein Willowbrook have detachabl

Rucksacks for Women

The skeletal structure of a woman is different from that of a man. Woman not only have a shorter head and longer truck, but also narrower shoulders and a shorter torso. If you are a woman looking to buy a backpack, it certainly helps to be mindful of these facts. A woman’s body is characterized by the following features:

- Women are known to have shorter torsos than men. Thus their backpacks should have a shorter frame length.

- Needless to say women are curvier than men, and hence rucksacks for women should be designed to curve around the chest.

- Women also have narrower shoulders than men. Thus their backpacks shouldn’t be as wide as the ones intended for men.

Now that we’ve considered the different elements that should be kept in mind before buying a bag, let us consider a few backpacks that are popular among women hikers and travel enthusiasts.

Osprey Ariel:The Osprey Ariel pack is made of 420D Nylon and comes with a detachable top pocket. It weighs around 65 lb and is characterized by a separate sleeping bag compartment, with multiple exterior pockets, internal bladder pockets, tube ports and compression straps. You can also choose from Ariel 75 that can carry heavier loads.

Gregory Women’s Deva 60: The pack comes with a curved waist belt that can fold on the hips, thus causing the weight to be distributed evenly. There are several side pockets and waist belt pockets that allow you to store small knick-knacks. The pack can carry about 50 pounds and is comfortable to carry heavy weight. However the fact that there isn’t much room to store things in large numbers can be a problem.

Deuter Futura Pro 34 SL Women’s Pack: This backpack is designed for women with a smaller frame, and is characterized with narrow shoulder straps and shorter frame. The shoulder straps are padded and are designed to prevent the backpack from directly sticking to your back, thus keeping you drier. There are plenty of pockets to help women store knick-knacks. There’s also a rain-cover that can be pulled to cover the pack.

Osprey Argon 85 Pack: The pack comes with hip pads and shoulder straps that intend to make the wearer feel comfortable. It also comes with a hydration sleeve that is comfortable for day tripping. It also has a ReCurve suspension that manages load transfer, and an HDPE framesheet along with two aluminum stays and aluminum rods.

Before you buy a rucksack, make sure that you choose one that fits well, and is easy and comfortable to carry.

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